Book Update- 3/6/17

So I’m going to write about all the books I read about on here so here we go.

I’m currently reading a book called The Berlin Boxing Club by Rob Sharenow.

It’s for a book group in school. I’m reading it with a couple of boys.

The story follows a teenage boy named Karl who is considered Jewish in Berlin, Germany during WWII. Karl gets beat up because of his faith and non-Aryan bloodlines. Through a series of events, he ends up with boxing lessons from the great Max Schmeling, heavyweight champion of Berlin. The book tells the story of his boxing life, his personal life, and his family, and how they deal with the persecution of being Jews.

I’m enjoying the book immensely. It’s a unique side to the stories of WWII and I’m a sucker for a good WWII novel. It may not be All Quiet on the Western Front  or The Book Thief, but it is well written. There are also comics that Karl draws in the story illustrated throughout the book.

I highly recommend this  book mainly to teenage boys, but also anyone who loves a good historical fiction novel. As it turns out, Max Shmeling did exist, but I don’t think that Karl Stern did.

Did you read it? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment! I love book talk!

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